heartsjoscelin (heartsjoscelin) wrote,

it's way too hot and my feet hurt


casper finally updated the mess. chee. i wonder why. 

i want to work in california. but the job is on mulholland drive and i'd live in hancock park and i can't drive. 

i applied for a job at Yeshiva 3 times and haven't gotten an email back.

i almost finished my thesis. now if only Dr. Cool would come home from Amsterdam so she could grade it and I could bind it.

work is boring today and my head hurts. if only i was getting paid for this.

i love tenimyu. first and second casts rule. yanagi is LOVE.

i only have 2 itty bitty starting sections of the Great Big Thing. I would post them here but there isn't a point. there's way too little. but i have no patience to write more cos i suck. i'd rather read than write but i want to write this Big Giant Thing. gughasjhfksjd. 

ok i'm done complaining.

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