heartsjoscelin (heartsjoscelin) wrote,

oooh i have to leave work NOW

 yep, haven't updated in forever. deal with it. 

my thesis is done. i'm now working for the Jewish Theological Seminary of America Library as a Metadata Librarian. don't know what that means? oh well. neither do we.

i'm writing a lot and i can't wait to put it up, it's gonna be really nice. i have a massively huge everyone all together tenimyu fic, and a side story of zukki/araki/adachi. i hope to have some aiba/shirota, yanagi/yuuya, kime/abe, and possibly sai/rui and shirota/kazuki. not sure yet. there are other fandoms i'm doing and but for now that's gonna be it. when i get around to it i'll type some up.  

more posting eventually.
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